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INTERREX-RINGS offer services mainly to ornithologists, authorized enthusiasts of bird ringing and aslo for bird keepers. With a wealth of experience in the field, we are now pleased to offer you the best quality bird rings, neckbands and other marks for birds & ringing accessories, in the shortest possible turnaround time.

Our Products

are delivered to over 25 european countries, and also to many countries in Asia, Africa, South & North America and to Australia & New Zealand. We are also bird ringers with many years of experience. Our products are made basing on our experience in many colour ringing projects and rings reading.


Custom order?

The majority of our production is personalized.

Engraved rings with individual numbers are made for individual orders only.

The price depends on a various data as you need. Once we have these informations, we will prepare the best offer.

We are able to supply colour rings and bands in ALL sizes with ANY inscription.

Colour Marks for Birds & Telemetry

Ogrody Romanów 7,
91-174 Lodz, POLAND.
VAT EU: PL7262664118

Phone/Fax: +48 601 251 888
e-mail: attn. Marcin Faber
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