New Rings

After the first orders from our clients in May 2011 we have introduced a special temporary rings for ringing medium sized species chicks like: gulls, large terns, gannets, etc. Rings are made using very thin (0.15 – 0.40 mm) plastic. This is the type of ring that can be adjusted as the chick grows. We offer them in plain colours and also in numbered/lettered version.

In the begining of 2011′ we have introduced a new type of colour rings for Cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo). There are oval shaped, internal diameter 20 x 14,5 mm and 35 mm height rings.

  • Despite oval form, rings are always readable.
  • Unbend ring is easy to fit on the tarsus throught the foot.
  • Such ring with new OCR font.

In 2010 we have introduced a new type of colour rings with small fonts/characters.
The large characters can be read by telescope from very far distance, from 300 – 400 meters (for large gulls, herons, storks rings) and from 400 – 500 meters (for cranes, flamingos rings).

For this type of rings we have added a small inscription including the address of centre, e-mail, etc., so this ring type can replace the additional metal ring and will be applied as a sole, full functional ring, further very good readable in the field. These rings are made using new special PMMA (acrylic) material, are very strong, UV, low temperature (to -30°C), hight temperature (to +80°C) resistant. After tests the expected wear resistance is 30-40 years life time.


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